Saturday, November 29, 2008

In Which The Good Man is Elected

For the last eight years there has been an evil man in the whitehouse. In 2000 we hung our heads as everything our country was built on was stolen from underneath our feet. Those were dark years. Then in 2004, the planets shivered and our teeth chattered as they did it again, an old man in a cowboy belt held up by the tips of ears by a terrifying empire of power, violence, corruption. We held on tight and lowered our faces against the storm. We prepared for the worst.

But we had no idea how bad it would be.

For too long the planet tilted on the axis of this man and his handlers, a monkey banging away at a typewriter with with the nuclear codes scattered around his feet.

It took an enormous effort, a massive unearthing of strength and will and determination- they will not do it again- that this country has not seen for decades, that my generation has never experienced before. It took the hope and frustration and fear and desperation of 66 million and the prayers of the entire rest of the world. But we won. We defeated and we broke the fuckers. On November 4th, 2008, Barack Obama was voted by a landslide to be our 44th president. The course of the universe changed directions, the doomed planet rocked back on its heels and thought, well, maybe I DO have a chance in hell.

The little man has been folded up and packed quietly away, medicated with industrial strength shit, and left to luncheon with charitable Texas ladies the rest of his little life. May he live many long years with a tormented soul. But it isn't over yet. For now they are still sitting pretty, his pack of maniacs, spitting on their country, like a pack of dogs they will not leave easy. May Cheney and the Wolf be tried for their atrocities and war crimes. May they too live long lives without decay- may their minds remain sharp, may their conscious kill them slowly. May they die in mental anguish and rot in hell.

Welcome to the world, Barack Obama!

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