Monday, November 3, 2008

In Which We Meet Shawn or Sean

Having the kayaking vacation end so suddenly was a real nuisance and it denied me the opportunity to boat in New Hampshire, Ottawa and Massachusetts this season. On the plus side, I was able to eat, which was pleasant. When I kayak I can't eat because I am afraid of it and deep down, maybe, I hate it. Good thing though, is that my true feelings still reside quite deep inside of me and I haven't recognized them yet. I'm sure I will have a few more good years of kayaking before I am true to myself and I look forward to them.

Another upside to the vacation ending is that my vacation didn't really end at all, because I am out of school and out of a job, and when Yonton texted out of the blue to come down and hang out in New York, I was able to say no problem, and off I went.

Yonton, up North for a trade show, was visiting his sister Michal who lives in New Jersey. She and her husband live in the upstairs in a beautiful ikea-d out wooden house with lovely floors and a ghost in the dining room. This is where we stayed. The trip was whirlwind of walking through busy streets, fabric, fashion, rapid hebrew, looking for places to eat, and bouldering. The problems in Central Park were super sweet pumpy positive rad knar yah we sent them, and it was Yonton's first time bouldering outside. We also met Shawn or Sean, we both fell in love with him and then Yonton promptly forgot his face, but I didn't and I never will. At least not for a few more good months of daydreaming.
If anyone named Shawn or Sean is reading this, and lives in New York and majored in Italian, and climbs at the city gym, (am I narrowing this down enough? I will narrow it down further)... if one day you ran into a Vermonter and an Israeli with a slight southern accent climbing on the boulders in central park when you yourself were there to climb, and if during that time a man came up and poured a lot of pieces of individually wrapped gum into the Vermonter's bag, well, then you are the Shawn or Sean we are looking for. Please to get in touch with us, we are waiting.
Afterwards we met up with Zoey at a restaurant called Isabella's where we sat outside and pretended to be European. This was more of a thrill for me, as being an Israeli Yonton got to go to Europe all the time. The brownie for which I ridiculed Yonton for ordering was supreme, but paled in comparison to my chocolate bag full of raspberry mousse, hereafter to be referred to as 'the bag'. Although, I don't think I'm going to refer to it again, as now it is time to move on.

Zoey showed us the West side and we loved it. Yonton told us it reminded him of Tel Aviv. Then we found these sunglasses and we loved them, I told them they reminded me of Angelina Jolie and everything good. Afterwards, Yonton and I watched the presidential debates at a bar with a bunch of other good solid New York liberals, hissing at McCain and erupting in applause for the man, Barrack Obama.

The next day we took a quick shopping trip which was very fruitful, then I hopped a train for Boston and a bus to Vermont where I stared at the road the whole 2 1/2 hours.

This is my favorite picture of Yonton, in his new jacket:

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I like the way you described the beginning part. About kayaking.

I like it alot.