Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Which Govenor Palinovik

If you live and boat in the Northwest or have ever been a famous rock star, than you know Kyle. Kyle has been melting hearts for ***censored*** years and is still going strong. Most recently, on a work trip to Alaska, Kyle (who is NOT in government) charmed his way not only into Sarah Palin's office....he got behind her desk. Yes, that really is the official workplace of Ms. guns n' rapture herself. So Kyle...tell us: can you really see Russia from there?


grunder said...

Man, I sure wish people would give the "I can see Russia" thing a rest. I mean, come on! You're going to crucify her for a bad joke instead of the fact that she gives interviews in front of turkeys being slaughtered? Or the fact that she has a mentally handicapped child and yet opposed state and federal funding for programs that affect the mentally disabled?

Melina said...

And how about her pregnant daughter and her abstinanct-only education!? Here's the thing CG, there are so many jokes to be made...but Kyle is actually sitting IN FRONT OF HER, you know, maybe he CAN see Russia...?

grunder said...

Yeah yeah. So what's your lame excuse for not having posted in a week? I'm bored.