Wednesday, January 7, 2009

honesty, on the rocks

This is my creative writing syllabus. After spending less than 24 hours with me, it has taken a bath in this morning's coffee and last night's Whiskey and Coke.

I'd say this pretty much sums it up. I'm thinking of photocopying this and handing it to my students. In this semester we will work on developing character development, plot structure, and the ability to work in excruciating solitude for months at a time.

For the record, my foray into the 'writing lifestyle' has been officially train wrecked. Yesterday I drank six cups of coffee and then sat down at my desk and played with a piece of wax for 45 minutes.

I'm officially not cut out for it. Not until facebook with its alluring and incredibly distracting 'Throw a shoe at George Bush' application goes away.


Ali said...

I wonder if any of my high school teachers dropped their lesson plans in the seems we will never know.

Ashley said...

Have I mentioned how incredibly jealous I am of your job?

If not, I am. Extremely.

Miss you, love. You should bring those cute kayaker prodigies out to the west coast and visit me, please. Since I know you make those decisions.