Monday, February 23, 2009

the fall-out

We had our bags packed for the futa. I had taken down the tent, for once ahead of the game. I ran into town to buy chocolate for the Futa, because the town is a hours away down are-you-joking roads and there are no supplies. We were planning on filling up the truck with food. I was thinking about the 12 hour ferry, sleeping outside while the wind whipped by, Chilean stars above and sharks below.

And then we got word that the Chaiten volcano erupted and the town of Chaiten, where the ferry was to dock, was evacuated by the Military. The roads connecting the Futa valley to Argentina were covered in ash and the air in the town of Futa was difficult to breathe.

I am thankful to everything that prevented us from getting to the Futalaefu River, the chaos and miscommunication with the ferry, the downed websites and the tangle of language. I am so relieved not to be stranded in the Futa valley with the water darkening in the river and ash raining down. Adventure is one thing. But Adventure when you're in charge of the well being of 13 wide eyed and eccentric students who you've (however exhausted you are) completely fallen love with, is something entirely different.

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