Wednesday, February 4, 2009

colorful river academy

Zach, Emery, Stephen, Jason: this is my creative writing class, this time held on the balcony of our new hotel. we are jumping headfirst on how to be fearless writers and how to think in new ways and write in new ways.
we are so used to asigning words to meaning. we think of an idea and express it. what I am trying to teach them is that sometimes, in order to come up with something REALLY rad, you need to come up asign meaning to words. pair two words together and your brain WILL make the leap and make it make sense and usually derive something cool out of it.....
So how do we learn how to put words together without fear? How do we pair an unlikely verb to an unlikely ajective?
Oh, that's right.....I'd like to thank my cousin Margaret and her little boys Noel and Silas for the idea....madlibs. What better way to lose your inhibitions about writing but madlibs. I put together a New River Academy Madlib just for fun and it turned out to be a huge sucsess. I didn't even make it to class...I was sitting around the fire working on it and Tracy asked what I was doing and Palmer said OOOHHHH! let me help you!! and Nelson leaned over and asked, 'can I play the next time?' and suddenly we're all shouting verbs and adverbs and adjectives out and it's not even class. Here were the first two we put together.....
Welcome To New River
Welcome to Funny River Academy. Here at the academy we travel to magenta places across the globve and enjoy some of the best purple water destinations world-wide. We are also a fully fresh high school. Can you wrap your big toe aroudnt that? Over the volcano and through the hotsprings we go in search of the best deltas. We carry our text trees with uus as we hack with all our gear, we fabulously learn to pack pink. We swing the same clothes for up to 24,000 days! And sometimes we go decades without squeezing anyone but each other.....
Rules of the River
Here at smooshy river academy we always take kayaking moistly. Although we know how to squat picnic talble on the river, we are well-skipped on the hazourds. For example, we stay away from the children beccause childrfen might suck you in and trap you. Children are the worst. We also stay away from googling situations, when an obstacle blocks your boat but the wayer can continue to fly pas. Usually when you flip it's cozy, but sometimes you end up pooing your ear, and you get disoriented. But just remember to scrape and be flustered, give a solid butt cheek snap and roll on up! On a difficult or hair poop shoot, we always set safety. Scretary Tino will keep you safe and someon ewill provide you with a hiccup bag. We always have a fantastic time rocking together on rivers across the world. We can even paddle class 5 million! Would you like to join us?
(you can see the boys took this one in...their own...err...direction.....)

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Heather Ann said...

I am sure you are an INCREDIBLE creative writing teacher! Miss you!