Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skinwalkers and the girl with the backwards feet

I made it through the day without an afternoon nap. Which is strange, because I was up most of the night trying to decide whether or not to risk my life in order to get up to go to the bathroom.

I made the mistake yesterday of initiating a ghost story session after dinner. I couldn't help it- I found an unclaimed bonfire at wilderness systems. I went to the van, dragged the kids out and forced them to sit amongst the smoke and tell stories- but only true ghost stories.

Unfortunately for me who-lives-in-a-dark-and-isolated-cabin, this group of kids (a truncated group, most were at Wal-Mart or the Emergency room, you know, just a typical evening) had a whole bunch of them. Among them the ghost girl with the backwards feet and the skinwalkers. The skinwalkers/shape shifters who emerge at night on the road and take over the human form. And then the stories just kept coming and coming and the drive from wilderness tours to the cabin seemed to go on forever, and then we decided to stop the van dead in the road just to hear out the rest of the backwards feet gal's story....

Then T had to look up the video of the skinwalker and show us all....

"Don't worry," Said one of the boys comfortingly. "There's a way to tell if it's just an animal or a skinwalker. There's always mist along the road when it's a skinwalker."

Which leaves me, freezing in the log cabin on the outskirts of the property at 4:00 in the morning, waking up to go to the bathroom and looking outside to see mist swirling along the banks of the river.

This happens, I guess, on a river. In the morning, when the temperature of the water is still warmer than the temperature of the air. It's more science than skinwalker. But that didn't do help my frayed mental state.

It was a long, long three hours until breakfast.

(I didn't feel nearly as foolish when I found out two of the kids were so scared they slept in the same bed that night.)

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