Friday, October 23, 2009

I've created a monster!

In one week, I've transformed my hissing spitting ears flattened howling scratching flailing maniac kitten into a purring, playful cuddle machine. Almost too much so. Yesterday I took her into the bathroom so she could explore a new room as I took a bath. It didn't work out so well: she stretched up and put her paws on the edge of the bath tub and cried until I got up, put on my bathrobe and sat with her in my lap, where she practically melted. She stretched out, closed her eyes and purred herself to sleep. So much for warming up in the bath on that freezing night.

As I type this, kitten is pawing across the keyboard trying to get my attention. In fact, she just wrote this: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\. (Clever!)

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice! The winning tip came from Ms. Kari Deleeuw, former Riot Teammate and big animal vet with her own practice in California. She told me not to leave food out, but rather bring it in with me every time I came into the room. That's how I finally got Smokey J out of her hiding spot, closer to me...closer....right up next to me, finally onto my lap. It was an excruciatingly slow process (or so it felt, but really, it was record time) and I was up till 2:oo am each night with her. I finally could stroke her as she ate, and it didn't take long till her feigned annoyance melted into pure indulgence: she was a closet case cuddler.

Now we're working on learning how to play with the help of a stuffed iridescent fish on a rod and some busy balls.

Wow, when I have kids, this blog is going to be i-n-t-o-l-e-r-a-b-l-e....can you tell?

So now I got this animal who is in love with me and clings to my shoulder each time we go for a field trip around the house. She cried when I leave the room and immediately rubs all up in my face when I lie down next to her. And I'm leaving in just a few days. (I did not think this through!)

Hometeam continues to be despondant over this.


Adriane said...

When we had a stray come yowling around our doorstep last summer, food was definitely the big winner...I fed her anonymously first, then our of a bowl from my hand..she ended up being a love, not a fighter, too. hehe. Unfortunately the poor thing had cancer, but at least her last few months had a warm bed and food just a few steps away...Let's face it, though, food=love.

Rose said...

Smokey Jo looks at peace on her star-studded blanket.. ^^* Awesome job!! :D She's gonna miss you. Still, you have your very cute dog (Hometeam) to keep you company on your adventures. ^^V

Tracy said...

So cute! Great job, Lina!

elissa said...

Lina, I've often though the same fate is true for me (regarding children and a blog, or any close listening ear...) considering the amount i talk, think, and write about my cats.

i also wonder what will happen to the poor beasts if children DO come along during their reign (one is a mere babe of 4, he could live for another 10 years!) but children's a big "if" in my book.