Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In the course of my life, I have not often had the opportunity to give flowers to random boys. But I always thought that if I wanted to, I would be successful.

Turns out that's not true. In an effort to learn Spanish, my school took to the streets of Pichilemu and embarked in a hilarious scavenger hunt. I was teamed up with the other staff. One of the challenges was to hand a flower off to stranger. And although Tino really, really wanted to do it...c'mon. That would have been way too easy for him:Things like this are significantly more difficulto for me: note: this is not my hand.

When I saw these two Mormon missionaries coming my way, I knew my moment had arrived. Thinking that they would not only be polite and english speaking, but delighted to receive a little bouquet from a Rubia, I ran up to the boys and asked in Spanish if one of them would like a beautiful flower.

Turns out....he didn't:

This is not like when me and Tyler Bradt gave a pair of missionaries in Salt Lake City a vivid and detailed description of the type of activities Mormons frown upon as an example of why we did not choose ourselves to follow their religion. (For the record, they asked for it, they were harrassing us.) This time, I really just wanted to give the nice American boys a flower so my team could score 20 points and move on to ordering Churros. Wow, was I rejected! Missionary karma?


The Drizzle said...

As it turns out, when Joseph Smith Jr uncovered that "book of golden plates" one of the things written on them was a warning.

"If you are on mission in South America in the month of November of the year 2009, you will be tempted to take a flower from a nice, pretty, young woman. Be sure to be a dummy and not take it. Cause we're gold plates and we said so."

So don't feel too bad. They kind of had to.

New River Academy. Huge Experiences said...

What? Is this true and told by the Joseph Smith himself on the random event that we were making this flower thing happen. Now, it all makes sense. That must have really messed with their heads.