Thursday, January 28, 2010


From out of the blizzard, out from the smoking winds and swirling snow, this guy showed up without warning at 9 o'clock tonight, tail wagging.

He wouldn't stand still enough for a decent portrait. I've never seen such a jovial creature! And naked as a jay bird, no collar! I suppose it does get pretty lonely up here, and it's nice to have a big friendly guy like emerge from the great white.

But what to do with this big dog? First it ran around the house like a maniac for like two hours, literally vacuuming up all of poor Hometeam's little toys. He could take four or five of her toys in his great jaws at once. He destroyed her Square Squirrel with 16 Squeakers and then moved onto my hats and scarves.

Despite the lack of tags, it is handsome and well fed, silky and muscular and it can sit, shake, and dance on two legs. And he smells like shampoo? He does! He's obviously no stray. And he's making a royal wreck of the house. But I'll have to calm him down, somehow, and hang out with him inside by the fire tonight. It's 15 below and the house is being battered by winds....I mean, what would you do?


Andrew said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the last photo (through the door) and thought, what a nice place to live! Oh, I know that place! duh, from the cousin