Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Why I love Asheville: The Chocolate Lounge, climbing gym, temperate climate, rosewater cardamon pistachio hot chocolate, sweet potato tempura sushi, Izzy's the tragically hip coffee shop where I absolutely do not belong, snow cleared sidewalks where I can walk the dog in high heeled Chilean cowboy boots, Liquid Logic, an entire store of belt buckles, gorgeous women sending v6, Astral Buoyancy, Rumbling Bald, and most of all- Yonton.

I am so happy that I met him ten years ago at a strange little school in the hills of Vermont. Stumbling upon Yonton back when we were both teenagers is a good example of my sometimes phenomenal, mostly stupendous, often miraculous good luck.

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Jen said...

enjoying reading- I found you via "Dig this Chick" today, a day when I myself am Missing the west. I live presently in Asheville =), so Im reading your story in the middle. From Mi originally, but spent 5 years in Missoula. I didn't know how much I loved it until we moved down and over here on a whim after my hubs graduated from Uof M. Can't wait to read the rest of your story and see where you are now. Also, I've struggled with migranes- but have got almost 100% relief. Have you ever tried upper cervial chiropractic?? Also, I learned a long time ago that Im deficient in magnesium- which leads to a whole host of probs.... some of which are head aches and anxiety. anyhow- my email is slecky76@hotmail.com- let me know if I can help!!! Jen