Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mistakes were made

Multiple Choice:
After following signs for the "spa/pool", this is what you come to. What do YOU think this is?

A. Small swimming pool
B. Hot tub
C. Decorative wishing fountain not intended for swimmers

WELL IT'S DAMN WELL NOT ANSWER B! Which I figured out only after I unwrapped my towel and gratefully lowered my tense, road weary body into the water:
"Hmmm, pretty luke for a hot tub- HEY, LOOK, WHAT'S WITH ALL THE MONEY IN HERE?"


Tracy said...

That's awesome! You made me laugh out loud. Good luck and stay safe on the rest of your trip!

Ali said...

This is the greatest blog post of all time and space.

climbergurl said...

Yer hilarious!!