Friday, February 5, 2010

Vote for Melina in the National Paddling Film Festival!

Dear Hardy Blog Readers,
I submitted this photo into the National Paddling Film Festival still photo competition. It needs your vote! If it makes the top 10, it will be presented at the National Film Festival!
My photo is #9: First Taste of Chilean Seltzer.

To vote, send an email to:

Include your top three choices. To check out the photos, go to this link!
If you need help, I'm particularly partial to the boy's photo, #12, Coop Entailed:

Vote vote vote! And once you do, let me know! Email me or leave a message on this post, so that I can thank you personally! (melina dot coogan at gmail dot com)

Woohoo! Off to glory!


Rachel said...


zoe ross said...

I voted & sent you an email telling you i voted haha. Btw, I'm so happy it's a photo of ME, your dearest student! (;

Anonymous said...

great photo!

Andrew said...

Done and DONE.