Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You play the hand you've drawn

I had been deliberating as to how I should approach the "about me" page for this blog. I really saw it as a big chore. Even though I write about myself every day, usually I write about myself within the confines of other things, so it's not entirely about me. (Right?....Right?) The "about me felt awkward, contrived and stiff: Which details of my life are relevant? What should the tone be- straightforward? Self effacing? Glowingly self-confident? How do I do all this in third person? And the constant devil in the ear: why would anyone care?

Then I struck genius- or so I thought. Have you ever played Apples to Apples? Good game. It involves noun cards and adjective cards, and throughout the game you end up with a certain amount of adjective cards. Apparently, or at least I've been told, the cards you end up with describe you. If you end up with the cards, "Dreamy, Creative, Morose" well, then you are a dreamy, creative, morose person. So I thought I'd play a game, examine the cards I ended up with, and go from there. What a creative way to approach my about me page....

I ended up having a match of Apples to Apples with Will, my roomate, and her boyfriend, during the night of a particularly vicious blizzard. Snow so thick you couldn't see your hands in front of you. Throughout the game I acquired three adjective cards. Just three cards- usually you get ten or eleven- but my competitors decided to quit early and play Mexican train. "Guys, come one!" I pleaded. "Just a few more rounds! I need to get some more cards here!" Of course, no one payed attention to me. And so this is what I was left with, three adjectives that supposedly describe me:

I'll take the middle one

Obviously, that creative approach went out the window. And though I have been considered all three of these words by certain people at one time or another, I can think of many more accurate terms to describe myself. Terms for today? Inefficient. Long Winded. Exhausted.

I did finally finish my About Me page, about 4 weeks late. It's in the title bar under "The Author."

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