Saturday, March 13, 2010

Letter to my college-age self

Dear college Melina,

In less than an hour we turn 25 years old! A full quarter of a century, imagine that.

I've been out of college for a few years now, and I've been told I should write you a letter, a sort of 'what I know now' letter. It's true- I am much, much wiser today than you are now, even if you have better hair. So here is some advice, from me to you:

1. Pay your parking tickets. You live in the city, and someone gave you a car when it was actually pretty inconvenient to have one. So, parking tickets will happen. But if you just go ahead and deal with them, you'll only have to pay about 25.00$. And if you wait, you'll have to pay 64.00$. And then 150.00$. And then it will go to debt collectors, and then you won't want to answer your phone. It won't go away, so just pay it. And just so you're prepared, your car will be towed five times in one year, when you are a junior. Five times, Coogan!2. Stop eating food out of plastic containers. They are starting to discover that stuff is really bad. And if you are going to pour boiling water into your Nalgene during winter camping trips to keep you warm at night, for God sake's STOP drinking that water in the morning!

3. A boy named Jake will lock you in a small basement room for a long time during a party in your 5th year, but don't worry, you'll be let out eventually.

4. Other than that, you are perfect. Keep on trucking- I look back on some of your wilder moments with great, great pride.

Love you, mean it,


PS....Most things get better as time goes by. And some things get better, and better, and better. You have no idea how good it will be:


Andrew said...

This was a fantastic post. College Melina was pretty cool.

Heather Ann said...

I love you! Happy quarter century, Lina!

Mel in Seattle said...

I love this blog.

I didn't even like corgies until Hometeam.

And Happy Birthday.

Josh&Josh said...

I LOVED college Melina and I miss her!! of course I miss Melina at any stage! Come back to Seattle...NOW!!

Wyoming Elly said...

Really great post, I love your confidence to look back and say "good job, keep it up!" I look back and have a lot of regrets. I could learn a lot from you about great attitude!

Heather said...

You should be very proud of all the college girls (ahem, me) you inspired and encouraged in your college years...I wouldn't be the same without ya :) Happy Birthday!


P.S. I hope 25 year old Lina hasn't lost too much of her wild spirit, and I hope I get to see her soon :)