Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Make it possible: be a part of it

Quick public service announcement! Read this and I promise to reward you, in the next post, with a ton of bright, sparkling photos.

So maybe you've noticed a difference on The Wilder Coast lately. If not, let me point it out: I removed the Google Adsense advertisements that appeared on the sides of the blog. They were too flashy, too distracting, and, in my opinion, really brought down the appearance of the blog.

More importantly, I did not have any say in what was being advertised. After seeing ads for a few things I would not choose to support myself, I decided to nix the ads altogether.

I wrestled with this decision for a while, because Google Adsense advertisements actually allowed me to generate revenue off of this blog. Because I spend about 30 hours per week writing, editing, and photo editing for The Wilder Coast, this income was much needed.

Instead of the ads, I have added a "donate" button on the side of the page. If you enjoy the stories and photos brought to you on The Wilder Coast, consider giving a donation! This will make it possible for The Wilder Coast to continue providing humor, insight, photos, work breaks, study breaks, empathy....and anything else you might gain by reading.

As well, you'll get a beautiful thank you card, hand made by me, including your choice of printed photo from the blog. (Unless you donate anonymously, then you'll just get a lot of good energy sent out to you.)

Any little bit helps! Thank you!

Lastly, I am still a proud member of BlogHer publishing network, so there will still be two BlogHer sponsored ads at the top corner of the page. I have complete control over what BlogHer advertises on my site, and I am happy to host them.
I hope you enjoy the new, cleaner appearance of the blogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for reading!


fozz said...

but lina no one ever buys from a banner ad. that would be way too trusting for the internet. we just click through to the sites give you cash from some faceless evil multinational corp... that was the entirety of my brilliant plan to bankrupt the evil corporations of the world one penny at a time, now what?

Adi said...

I hated those ads...they def did detract. So glad they're gone. Be happy to fork over some cashola to keep em gone! Xo