Friday, April 23, 2010

May God continue to bless you, long after I've stopped saying it

Will and I are driving to Georgia. He has allergies. He sneezes a lot. I have no patience for sneezes, or sniffs, or anything like this. Our long drive looks something like this:

hour 1:
*sneeze!* *sneeze sneeze!*
me: God Bless you!

hour 2:
me: woah, big one! Are you alright? Bless you!

hour 3:
*sneeze!* *sneeeeeeze!*
me: maybe you should take something for those allergies.

hour 4:
*sneeze!* *sssNNEEZE!*
me: bless you. take something.

hour 5:
me: take something.

hour 6:
*sneeze sneeze!*
me: silence. Turn away and look out the passenger seat window.

Then he puts on Reggae music, and oh I don't like Raggea very much. Ooohhh rasta...rastafari....they like to sing. It annoys me. I try to put on my music but he told me all my songs are too depressing.

Everyone is always telling me my music is depressing.

They're all correct, it really is.


Rose said...

Sneezes startle me too. Especially my mom's reverberating loud ones. ^^* What is depressing music, Melina? Kurt Cobain? :]

Colleen said...

Depressing music is the only good music....people tell me my music is depressing as well, haha!

elissa said...

listen to this. my friend Kat just posted it on my facebook wall. It's pretty amazing.

kharoot said...

Love your blog. You last story made me think of a Radiolab episode. Here is the link:

It’s the second story down called "Sculptors of Monumental Narrative”
Kristine (Harootunian)

Andrew said...

Oh, thank you for saying that. Sometimes I feel like a crazy person because I don't like Reggae music, at all.