Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And we're back!

Hey everyone, I'm back. Our excursion went off with unprecedented competence. Believe it or not, even after being in my charge for many weeks, all girls are accounted for.

I just got back and will take a now take a few moments to get my bearings and eat my body weight in soup.

I haven't unpacked, but I do plan on doing that. Soon. And then I'll write and post photos. Just one more margarita and I'm all over it.


Tracy said...

Are you back in VT?! We're coming up on Saturday for the party to welcome Craig into the family and would love to see you!

Heather Ann said...

So glad it went well! I miss you lots. I need your address - now that I am living in NC, I have more time to send you love letters :)

Anonymous said...

We missed you~

Cassandra said...


Also those photos are, um, AMAZING. Those girls all look like little Delia's models or something. ha

Hope we can get togetha' soon! xo