Thursday, July 29, 2010

fall in love with my mystery (dot com)

Writing late at night is always a hazard, because the world and everything on it seems more way possible and probable than it really is. And in the morning I'll wake up on the floor and think, oh, shit, to what extent did I actually follow through on that bizarre idea? How could I possibly have thought that would work and seemed like such a good idea at the time....

Early this morning I came dangerously close to completely reorganizing this blog. The new title: Things that Happen to me that Certainly aren't my fault. The url: Things that happen to me that certainly aren't my

The easy links to posts on the sidebar would include the following subjects:

- things that I've bought that have brought me genuine happiness
- love connections & hookups I still brag about
- suicidal tendencies in the arena of love
- vanities & accomplishments
- failures, rejections & insecurities
- friends
- former friends
- famous friends
- friends I hope to make
- my favorite words
- misrepresentations, falsifications, exaggerations and outright lies
- adventures, epics, and feats of heroism
- things I like to eat

Interactive features would include:
-Application form for potential suitors
-Online community/chat forum for you to discuss all things relating to me
-Praise and Props: a point based system for registered users designed to encourage you to leave praise-based comments on blog posts.

The whole thing would be splashed with pictures of myself, looking emo and dark and so candid that you'd have no idea..... that they're all self portraits! But you'll never be able to tell you'll just think I'm poetic, mysterious.

So what do you say! The internet is such a cold, endless sea- let's make this little war ship just a little more cray-zay!!


Darlas said...

That is so true!! U always believe I can change the world in the wee hours of theormig before Reality wakes up

rachel.dudasik said...

i wish i could click a "like" button here. it is unoriginal, yes, but i do!

elissa said...

i'm into the live feed. maybe even addicted to it? thank you for turning me on to oh, so many things.