Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Brain Saw

YM. Not just the name of a fabulous teen magazine anymore. So much more. Those two letters carry some real weight because they stand for Yonton & Melina. They also are Yonton's full initials but whatever.

Yonton and Melina, two minds that rotate around like holy rolling street smarting blades of miraculous wit and semi-fradulent soul. Give us a little gasoline, pull our engine start chord and we'll straight up level that spurious forest of the stiff and the studied, the pretentious, pretended, pompuous, precious and put-on, straight down to the deforested soil of roots and funk and that's where we lay down our fresh tracks. It's a phenomenon I like to call The Brain Saw.

Let me break it down a little. Yonton is visiting, and we're writing some music. And let me tell you that this little ditty: c= fl (speed of sound in meters per second = frequency in hertz times wavelength, the rule of sound, how could you not know that, do you not remember learning that in school, how come l stands for wavelength, why not W, wouldn't that make more sense)- well, sufficient to say, rules were meant to be broken. EVEN THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go slam another shirley temple and see what sort of clear-cut induced landslides of creativity I can cause.

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