Friday, August 6, 2010

Sort me by color

Hey! It's been a few days and I wanted to let y'all know that I'm just waiting on blogger to stop tweaking. It's been having a difficult time uploading photos as of late, and we all know how worthless any post is without photographic evidence to back it up. To tide us over, here are a few current thoughts from my day.

1. Would the mouth breathers at the Hanover Public Library PLEASE vacate the building.

2. On my way to work today I happened to listen to a Christian radio station reporting on the overturning on proposition 8, which made my head explode and my mind spatter all over the windshield. I've never heard statistics or studies bent and twisted so hideously away from original context before. There are so many Good Fights to fight out there, so many bad things that need fixing and people that need snacks or a new pair of pants or a life saving surgery or escape from an abusive, oppressive regime- why would anyone waste their time over the deluded, personal rights violating, hate and ignorance-fueled battle of the 'homosexual agenda?' I have a few gay friends, I've seen their agendas, and corrupting YOUR marriage is far down on the list I'd be surprised if they got to it.

3. If I had five bucks for every time I've been targeted by overenthusiastic, shade grown coffee drunk mac owners..."Hey, complete stranger. I see you're working on a PC. You should really purchase a mac. They're way better in all ways!" ....then I'd almost have enough to buy an ibook power chord. Come one, world, it's like cheerfully advising me to be six inches taller, I'll have more luck dating. So obviously true. So obviously out of my reach for this lifetime.

4. There was an especially intriguing question put up the other day by someone at Soul Pancake:"How do you Sabotage yourself?" That's been in the back of my brain ever since it was posted. A few examples in my daily life:

-I drink double espresso drinks after 4pm and then wonder why I'm having a hard time falling asleep.
-I stay up so late working even when I know I'm doing nothing productive that I wake up halfway through the next day. It's a vicious, sleepy, wired cycle.
-I read people's heroic stories of adventure and survival, and feel so utterly depressed afterward because of my own inadequacy that I refuse to write anything. The only remedy? Counter it by reading something poorly written and lametastic, aka chicken soup for the (anything) soul.
-I throw my clothes on the floor knowing that in two days I'll wash and sort them by color as a procrastination method, knowing that in twenty four hours they'll be all over the floor again, needing to be sorted before I start my next project.

I guess compared to heroin addicts and adventure junkies who leave behind love and family to hit hills, my self sabotaging is pretty low key. Lame again, lame again....

I'd love to know some of the things running through your head today, or some of the ways you make your life unnecessarily difficult. Leave me a comment! And keep stopping by. A real post and photos are imminent.


Anonymous said...

I never write anything down. I don't keep a planner or even jot something down in a wall callendar. No blackberry. Nothing. I just assume I'll remember things.Some times I do. Some times I don't.

Jessica said...

Regretable decisions with men and never learning my lessons?? And a lot more!

Jessica said...

Regretable decisions with men and never learning my lessons?? And a lot more!

Anonymous said...

all I'm thinking right now is....why did I take lunch so early, I have too many hours to go....vending machine it is.

Do I even need to write how I sabbotage myself? Doesn't my first sentence make it clear?

Cassandra said...

Dude, this is totally a real post. One I particularly enjoyed, actually. Maybe that makes me lame but it's great to read something that I TOTALLY GET.
Like "mouth breathers." Seriously. Walk the plank or wipe that dumb-ass look off your face.
Also, feeling lame. I sabotage myself by comparing me to everyone around me that I admire for certain things. Like models, or the ladies working in the offices around me who have fabulous wardrobes, or the most-athletic-chick at the gym, or the rock climbing blonde who doesn't care about any of the aforementioned things.
Yeah, baby. You and I definitely need to stop comparing and start LIVING.