Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And genetics, believe it or not!

My sister and I went to get a Christmas tree last Saturday. One of the abandoned lots on 35th in Wedgewood had just opened up as a satellite stand for a farm in Eastern Washington. We bought coffee from Top Pot across the street and then strolled around sizing up the trees. We found a perfect little table topper and brought it up to the old woman in the shack to determine the price

The woman had shock white hair and a Christmas tree pin made from multi colored glass. "Twelve dollars," she said.

"Twelve? I thought it was four?" Said Anna, pointing to the painted wooden sign.

"That's the doug fir, these is a noble fir. Doug first hasn't even come in yet."

"Well..." said Anna. She looked over at me. Anna loves Christmas. We both do. We both sort of flip out for the month of December. "We can do twelve dollars, right Lina?" She asked cheerfully.

"Yeah! That's not much money at all!" What a great morning it was. Brisk but clear, like Boston, and in a few hours I'd be heading off to Portland for the weekend. We'd survived thanksgiving and now, Bring on the Christmas!

The woman took the money from Anna slowly. She eyed us from over the top of her glasses as she counted out change. "Do you girls share finances?" She asked.

"Um. What?" Asked my sister distractedly, who is always polite but not always paying good attention.

"Do you girls share finances?"

"Um, well....yes...what?"

I nudged her. She glanced at me and I gave her The Look. The I'll tell you later look. "What is it?" She whispered.

"I'll tell you later."

"Well," said Anna straightening up. "This money is from the house concert so yes, we do share this." As if that would make sense to anyone.

We threw the car in her ancient white Subaru and turned left out of the parking lot. "Anna," I explained, "she was trying to figure out if we were lesbians."


"Do we share finances? What the hell kind of question is that?"

I thought it was a funny little antidote of the morning, but I did make a mental note never wear my big, beloved Carhat jacket again when I go on domestic little outings with my sister.


Danielle said...

This is hilarious. For the record you and your sister make an adorable couple.

Cassandra said...

LOL I loooove the description of the old woman. Do you share finances? SERIOUSLY? hahaha too funny

Adriane said...

WHA? You two are like carbon copies (as a fellow sister-haver, I say that in the nicest way possible). If she thought you were lesbians she clearly wasn't looking at either of you. Ha!