Thursday, November 11, 2010

House Concert

Dear Seattle readers- this Saturday Anna Coogan is giving a house concert at my (our) house in Lake City. There will be drinks, food and the rare opportunity to see Anna play in a small venue. I've know I've said before how incredible she is, but every time I hear her sing my heart stops beating for just a minute. She's insanely talented and the emotion in her songs might tilt you off kilter for a week or so. I've usually found this to be a good thing.

Come celebrate the end of autumn, the beginning of winter, and everything that we love about this season and this city. It will be nice and warm and there will be wine and good beer and good company. The evening commences at 7, and Anna will play second after Seattle musician Ian Parks. The music will go into the evening, stop by whenever you'd like.

You are so very welcome to come! Write me an email or leave a comment and I'll let you know how to get to my house. And you know what? Anna's been practicing a lot of the sea shanties of our childhood lately, which are my favorite things ever. Not just favorite songs. Favorite things ever.

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Ali said...

1. Anna's cheekbones are killer in that picture.
2. Please tell me you are referring to Schooner Fare (Fair?)