Monday, November 15, 2010

The reason my last post was titled about love songs

A really, really terrible trend in this blog. I spend forever writing and perfecting a post. Then when I switch it from HTML and publish it, I lose a section. I'm not sure if the ineptitude is on my end or blogger's end, but either way the last post lost a huge piece of it. I'm really sorry that it ended up being so incomplete. What a big pain in the ass. Here's the piece that was missing. It might help explain the title of the last post. I'll try really hard not to let this happen again.
 Ian Parks played first, a Seattle musician who relocated to LA. He brought with him a pose of good natured folks who, by 10:00 in the evening, had completely given up the idea of the cup and were all clinging to nearly empty wine bottles by their neck and hand-rolling cigarettes in my bedroom. Ian is a stunning musician who plays with a ton of heart. My favorite song that he played was preferenced, as many good folk songs are, by the story that inspired it. This particular story was about a girl who Ian fell in love with to no avail- she played for the other team. "Well," Ian concluded heartily, "that didn't stop me from writing a love song about her!" The cheer that rose from the audience after this made me very happy. It made me think about everybody in the room, everybody in my life, who is currently flailing and struggling with the Love- not as an idea but as an actuality. How many of us try and try and try, even when love is not requited, and wonder what the hell it is we're doing. But the truth is, no matter what we're doing, if the intent is out of love, than it can't be wrong. Because the love songs we're writing will only truly be reciprocated once. And there's joy in the writing.

Sorry bout it. But that's what I think.


Andrew said...

Perfectly said.

Heather Ann said...

I really like this post. A lot! You're brilliant, Lina :)