Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Down Town Late Night

Avocado Bubble Tea? Sure! Avocado Bubble Tea plus dessert waffle with sandwich stacked fruit? WHAT?!!!
It is my belief that all good things are made even better when combined with other good things. For example, a dog walk is a dog walk, but throw in a strawberry milkshake destination at the end, and suddenly it's an event worthy of one's facebook status. If you're watching Teen Mom 2 alone in your chambers at night, ehhhhh you might want to make something up if a friend calls and says Hey What You Up To. But if you're watching Teen Mom 2 while nicely folding and color arranging your favorite tank tops? Well, that's what I call an evening!

Allow me to present my recent favorite combo: Girl Talk live at the Showbox Sodo, followed by all the delightful crap the international district can lay forth upon. Not too terrible for a Wednesday.  

(The next morning I went to the bank. The banker asked me if I did anything fun the night before and, feeling all sorts of cool, I said casually yeah, Girl Talk, you know. He nodded knowingly. "Oh Girl Talk, that's like the Vagina Monologues, right?" I just looked at him.)

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