Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo Shoot & The Seattle Shell

I sat at the Greenlake Zokas all afternoon and worked. There was this girl sitting next to me. First of all she was wearing a vest over a tank top which I just do not approve of. Second of all, she was talking on her cell phone, loudly, and she was the only person talking in the entire cafe. Her debate was a private one, whether or not to take a new- but perhaps a less desirable- job in San Fransisco, but she broadcasted it as if it were breaking news upon which all our very lives were hanging. And she kept saying the term Seattle Shell. "It's just, I'm 25, and I need to break out of my Seattle Shell." Pause, pause. "I just feel like if I don't break out of Seattle Shell, I never will." Pause. "Seattle Shell."

Two hours into it, I was this close to turning to her and shouting GIRL IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR SEATTLE SHELL INTO A MILLION FUCKING PIECES.*

Speaking of, I know one person who is breaking her Seattle Shell, and I'm not happy about it. It's my sister, Anna. Her husband Brooks is starting a post-doc at Cornell, and Anna plans on spending a lot of time in NYC working on music. They are leaving in September. I've never lived in Seattle without them. This is all good for them but it royally sucks for me.

Anna's latest album is due to be released in October in Europe, and in early 2012 in the States. I did a shoot for the album the other afternoon, on one of the two sunny days we've had this month. I love how these pictures turned out: 
Would you like to have some outstanding images of yourself?  How about you with your dogs, kids, or your best friend? In your favorite part of the city? Since I'm still building a portfolio, I'm offering photo shoots for super cheap. Contact me if you're interested.  (melina (dot) coogan (at) gmail.com)

*Fine Print: I stole this phrase from my sister. It was her reaction when I told her the story of the annoying phone girl.  She says I can use this quote as long as I give her credit, bring her things from the kitchen when she's in the living room, and give her a free photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

Captain's mom needs some glamour pics!

Adriane said...

Wow-- Before I read the whole post I definitely thought the first photo was of you...