Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soul Pancakes for Breakfast

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Check it out! Today I'm featured on Rainn Wilson's awesomely interactive site, SoulPancake. I've been a writer for SoulPancake for exactly one year. I dig it.  I really like the other writers, they are brilliant. (There are 13 writers total- I get asked that all the time.)  And I really like Rainn, he's brilliant too, and ultra supportive of his writers.

Today I have a Life's Big Question:  SoulPancake / SP Content / Those People With Balconies
....And a daily challenge: SoulPancake / SP Content / Anything But Routine



(and Ernie) said...

I love the balconies question. It's making me think. My life has thousands of balconies.

Adriana Iris said...

love the balcony post.

Baby By The Sea said...

So true. I think if I had a backyard fire pit I'd make s'mores with my little ladies each moonlit night. But, when we read our bedtime stories aboard our sailboat, I remember that someone is saying, "if I only had a boat." The grass is always greener across the street, but that's just because you can't see the anthill or dandelion tufts as easily from a distance.