Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving Right Along

I'm really excited that so many people read and enjoyed my article about barfing till my eyes exploded. But now it's time for me, and everybody else, to move on. I want to direct you now to my most successful piece so far this year, a tiny article I wrote called "How to Drop Your Outdoorsiness into Any Conversation." In it I mapped out four sample conversations that could easily be twisted so that the focus turns to you and your overall superiority. They are: Coffee Break, Back Yard BBQ, Boat Rental, and a general "Out with Friends." This thing got hundreds and hundreds of Facebook Likes, which is like money to a writer. Money that you can't actually spend or look at, but still important. So here is a handsome man, recently injured during a mountaineering expedition, beckoning you to follow him to a dreamworld of wit.

Click me! I'm an enjoyable one.


Melina said...
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Melina said...

Melina, stop leaving bitchy comments on your own blog.