Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Since I last was here

Big Tally Of Things

Places I've been since last post: Seattle, New Jersey, New York City, Vermont
Subways taken: F, R, 1
Number of stars I'd rate my friends' apartments across Brooklyn, out of 5: 5, based on hospitality
Number of times I saw my 2nd grade science teacher interviewed on TV while in a taxi:  1
Number of living dogs named after coffee drinks: 2
Number of small pastries consumed at conference: Tray
Number of friends currently in New York City: Everybody!
Job interviews: 1?
Total number of dogs named after coffee drinks, living and dead: 4
Grandparents Left: 0
Quail Eggs eaten off of tiny toothpick: 3
Sparks flown:  Rather not answer
Amnesiac Tranquilizers taken on airplane: Don't Remember
Number of tears cried alone in bath: Shame
Episodes of Park and recreation watched in parent's living room: Equivalent of two NYC marathons, at least 


colleen said...

can this be facebook. because I LIKE IT.

Rod Overaa said...

Please tell me that you do not, and have never had, a dog named Pumpkin Frappacino....

Melina said...

Oh Rod, no no no. In order of birth and appearance into the household: 1. Mokka 2. Latte 3.Coco 4.Cappucino

Melina said...

Colleen, YOU can put it on facebook, yes you can! xox

Baby By The Sea said...

I love your big tally of things. Interview? Do tell. Thought of you at the Seattle City Arts festival -- did you see any bands?

Melina said...

Hey! I'm glad you thought of me when you saw art. I think of myself when I see a bottle of pepto bismol. That's just these days though. I was out of town for the festival...how was it?

Aimee said...

number of new readers to your blog thanks to asking a question: too many to count! :-)

Melina said...

A- I think that question resonated with a lot of people at the conference, which makes me feel much better about my own doubts!


zoey said...

nice kitchen. my own tally reads...
Number of house guests that could have shat on my kitchen counter and I still would have an endless amount of love for: 1