Monday, January 9, 2012

My Life in Little Photographs

Here is what you need to know  what I want to tell you. A picture book of the year 2012, as it's been so far:

Walking Alone with Colin Meloy 
Between writing and walking with the dog, I spend a lot of time completely alone. When I don't spend a lot of time alone, I get really mean and cold to the people around me. Lately I take a lot of photos of things and listen to The Decemberists. I got to meet Colin Meloy a few weeks ago.  


Things That Maybe Can't be Classified
Like drinking alone, Ella, reading Murakami Sedated on an airplane. 

Boys Who Love Boys
Once a year in January the Sockeye boys throw a party that lasts three days. Old friends and people we played against for years fly in from across the country. This year had everything: black dresses with lace in Pioneer Square, a trip to the zoo, somebody throwing up behind the Moon Temple. Everything in between.

I think citrus is important. It's pretty and it's good for the skin. My New Years Resolution of 2012 is to eat more of it. 

There are two things that make me feel as if I have everything I've ever wanted. One is standing at the bow of a sail boat with wind in my face. The other is bonfires. I spent New Years at a bonfire in a snowy field in Vermont. This winter, my friends and I, we'll pay more attention to the weather in the evenings. When it's not so rainy we'll go down to the beach and build fires.

Climbing & Food
A few hours of climbing with friends, then out to eat with the same friends. That combination is unbeatable.  Still brings the most absolute joy into my life. 

And beyond that?
I have a new job now- a real job that pays money. I'll be traveling a lot, across the country, and I can work from wherever I want. Whatever city I choose. So, I can always go back home. Just in case. 

(Then again, why would I want to do that?)


mona said...

Do you have an iPhone? If so, get on Instagram! All the cool kids are on it (I'm not cool, but I'm on it)

(and Ernie) said...

Señor Moose! So amazing.

Michu said...

Or you can hop on a ferry and come visit me in Victoria!! I start my new job today :)

Katie said...

What is your new job?!?

e darst said...

Nice! Happy new year

Sebby said...

Fire! I'm in for fire...