Monday, February 13, 2012


Will came to visit.  He used to be my boyfriend and we lived in the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina. But we broke up, ouch, and I moved away, and haven't been to North Carolina since which is a real shame.

A year and a half ago we met up again and went hiking in the Saw Tooths. We said a quick goodbye at a gas station in Idaho and I haven't seen him since. He went away to paddle the rivers of India, Nepal, Peru, and the Grand Canyon, again, this time at Christmas, this time without me.

So it was good to see him again, and we went to Bellingham for him to get a new boat. Here is a picture book of trees, Boundary Bay Brewery, and searching for sea glass on the moody beaches of Fairhaven. He finds it by the handful without even really looking.
(Damn happy dog.)

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Firegirl said...

Welcome to my corner of the world! (:-D