Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crushing and Coding

I stayed on the homefront the weekend. Still unpacking, somehow, from the month away. Still studying. Still getting my bearings back in the city. That has included a lot of running. Miles and miles every day. What the hell? I'm not a runner. I've railed against running since I was forced to walk the miserable mile death march in 7th grade. But something about medicine, all the new people and the numbers and the acronyms,  every part of this frightening and fascinating new path I've been shot onto, I feel like I'm filled up with gasoline and every new passing thought is a match.

 I started running down the cold, beautiful mountain road in Leavenworth after class every day just to get an hour by myself, to have a few moments to think about what in the world I was doing out there, if I was going in the right direction. If crushing down on on a man's chest who coded in the middle of a casino was something I wanted to do on a daily basis.  I decided it was.

I also decided I sort of liked running. I'd never choose it over a day on the river or on the rock, but I like that I can do it whenever, and all by myself.
We celebrated spring last night with the official Ballard Margarita Tour 2012. A combination of EMS and Boat world people. We got along just fine.
Ballard on a sunny Saturday evening, the first warm day of the year. We were brave just to venture out. 
 Today it's Easter, so they tell me. In the grand tradition of this Holiday, I'm having brunch. A liquid brunch of espresso, music, highlighters and once again, the chapter on the airway. I love this. I want so much more of it.  
And it's warm. Warm enough. This picture proves it. 
Happy Easter, y'all! Hope you are outside somewhere, with somebody you love, and a dog, studying something that makes you, in equal parts, want to fall in love and want to vomit. 


Jeff in Oregon said...

Are you trying to memorize the AAOS book?! Then again, even though I passed my NREMT exam, I've already been working on CME credits to stay fresh. First Medical Drill with Philomath Fire & Rescue tomorrow evening!

Anonymous said...

M... With the twitterpation of Spring and new beginnings brings innocent new life in the pastures, Ships swaying in the shipyards anticipating their next "conquest Voyage," and like a spring storm warning a message looms" Beware of wolves in Sheep's clothing, or even "This SHIP has sailed."
If it's Crushing and coding you like.. lets speak in code from one to another.. That Captain may have his hooks in you all the while he's swabbing the poopdeck in another port; his masts ever pointing in a convenient new direction.
This Seattle port has been visited by this SHIP even last weekend with promises of great adventure, music, cabins, ice burgs, photography, dogs and of course laughter -the best meds ....
So while the warm promises of spring excites you beware this piece of SHIP has secret stories of ports past and will most likely set sail to break your heart.
....the Broken Coast

Fenris said...


Still kinda weird not seeing you and the rest of the class each day. Looks like the studies are going well though. I'm pretty sure you're going to kill the exam. I took mine last Monday. It freaked me out a bit, but I passed. Looking forward to your victory post.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on passing! And I absolutely love a quote from this post, I'm right there with you - "studying something that makes you, in equal parts, want to fall in love and want to vomit." Brilliant.