Friday, April 20, 2012

Everywhere I go

Big, bold, bright, beautiful, buoyant boat world.

Randall: "I'll take you to buy your first pair of Xtra Tufs. It will be a ritual. You'll be knighted."
Randall and I are on separate ships, in and out of Juneau on different days. We will literally be ships passing in night.  Passing in the night through Glacier Bay.
"We won't see each other."
I frowned.
"We can wave from the deck. We can have our own radio station. We can speak in code."
"Is the spring beautiful this year?"
"Everything looks beautiful when you're about to go away."

 We'll miss you, Ty. We wish you were coming on board. It will feel strange without you.

You know what else will feel strange? 12 weeks without alcohol. We'd better pour it down right here and right now.
I met my expedition leader. We took a walk through the harbor. I went to Boat training this week: Bear safety and story telling lectures. I learned that when you are fighting with a bear, you are fighting for your life. 

When you're telling a story, you are also fighting for your life.

But I already knew that. 
I broke the news to my dog. "I'll be thinking of you when I'm at sea."
"Just because you're living on a boat doesn't mean you're going out to sea. Get me another beer."
She takes things in stride. In general, she is better at life than I am.


Anonymous said...

Not happy about the bear comment.

Cassandra said...

ahahaha hometeam