Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I just landed in Dublin, Ireland. I'm not sure what I brought along- with no time to pack, I just threw everything in a bag and zipped it shut.

I'm getting in a taxi towards Dublin Center to do a radio interview for National Public Radio, then driving to County Waterford on the Coast. I have Wednesday free to wander around, prepare my stories and watch my sister perform. Then I perform Friday, Saturday, and twice on Thursday.

My goal is to find something that will clear up this 11 hours on planes nausea, find a money changing machine, get a hair cut so I look presentable, and figure out how not to have a coughing fit during the interview. (My first big idea- no drinking any water during.)

Wish me luck. Ireland, yay!

Oh and Andrew, whose apartment I left half destroyed when I realized my flight schedule was a *little* different that I had previously thought....thank you. And all that. Ya know.

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Kerry said...

Good luck, Lina! You're going to be amazing!