Friday, November 30, 2012

the price/an update

the room that rocked and rolled all night and was always loud with the lulling sound of the engines. we called it the sleep chamber. 

this is the price i pay for all of that.

when i worked on the endeavour, the boat was my home. my little room i shared in  crew quarters could hold my uniform, guiding gear, a few books. mail.

before embarkation i drove carloads of my things around the city and left them in friend's homes. if i realized after the fact that i needed something, there was no chance of locating it.

at beginning of autumn, i moved out of the boat with my duffel bag and into andrew's place, unofficially but practically, and i was so used to living with only a few things that i never collected my things from around the city.

until i moved out five weeks ago and into a little house, and then i went in search of my things, and set them up in the new place.

i slept in that house just a few times, preferring to fall asleep next to my friends so i could wake up and be near them, and today i moved away from that new place, me and randall and his truck and the rain.

i had a business meeting this morning and i have a dinner party tonight and between it we moved everything. i've whittled down my 10 years in this city into a few boxes of things that can be moved in an afternoon.

colleen and i are moving next week into a beautiful place. and i'm staying there. i'm done floating, i'm putting my foot down this one. for a little while, anyway.

the price you pay for adventures is far reaching sometime. it's moving. again. on a heavy, wet friday nearly three months after the boat has docked.

i feel fine. i feel really tired.


Anonymous said...

Jona: for a summer of bears and wolves, monstrous glaciers meeting flat seas, and of course the whales (it was all about the whales) that seems a pretty reasonable price to me...

Anonymous said...

Can so relate! Our family of 3 has been living a transient life for over a year. Freedom does come at a price. I can't wait until we're ready to settle down again. But for now, Mexico beckons!
--a friend of nici's in Missoula