Saturday, December 29, 2012

bad road

I'm writing this on a bus from new hampshire to the airport in boston, in the heart of an absolutely phenomenal blizzard. Another goodbye to New England, another crack in my heart. I'm counting the cars that litter the sides of the highway, the white swirl ahead of us is broken only by the red and blue flashing lights of emergency vehicles. (Some people have this delusion of safety when they're inside their cars. I've never felt that for a second. I have, if anything, a gradually but steadily accumulating phobia of driving.) 

Here are a few last photos from my home in Vermont, a day well spent sledding after a snow storm. A far better way to spend a blizzard day. 


John said...

put your seat belt on...

Zakary said...

1. I like your blog.

2. I don't drive in snow/ice/blizzards. That shit is full of danger.

3. And now I want to go sledding.