Monday, January 7, 2013

adventures of the canvas heart

Lindsey's left me for seattle. It's just me and the dog now, the dog is angry at me for some reason, she has her back turned. I pull off of state route 93 to take pictures because there is no hurry. I stop to pour more coffee from another little store because there is no hurry. I'm driving alone through Montana for no particular reason, at the beginning of the year, 2013, because there is no hurry.


bonjour, i'm rebecca! said...

,,,never be in a hurry, savor every moment of life like a fine bottle of silver oak cabernet wine. cheers!,,,

bonjour, i'm rebecca! said...

,,,savor every moment of life, like a fine bottle of silver oak cabernet wine. it would be sacrilegious to chug it down. cheers!,,,

Angie Kroeker said...

Hello Melina, I have come over here from Dig this chick and I must say you are putting a kink in my day. You see I have two kids of my own to take care of here and a house and all that kind of stuff and I. can't. stop. READING!

How am I supposed to go through normal life when yours is so entertaining?

Seriously though this is some of the most fun I have had reading in a long time and I really don't know what I am going to do about the lost hours.

And on top of it all you are making me crave the mountains and the snow and the downhill life again.

Oops just looked up and the house is kayos got to go. Love your blog