Friday, February 1, 2013

All in a week

1. we're getting bolder out of bounds. 2.bluebird days in the city. 3. a bit windy. 4. all flights grounded in Chicago 5. Mackenzie considers an empty mountain at night. 6. red ale at the lodge for lunch. 7. work commute 8. lots and lots of writing this week- feeling almost completely depleted 9. thursday yoga nights from now till spring. 10. two new friends to chase after down steep stuff. 11. friends and food kills the cold. 12. big crashes.


Zakary said...

I adore everything about this post.

Melina said...

Well thank you Zakary! And I don't put money in my mouth, either ;)

Brandi Shope said...

I did a post like this yesterday, only for the whole month of January. I can't decide what pic I like most; the frothy beer, the latte next to your work or yoga pose... I want to start incorporating more yoga into my life... maybe more beer and coffee too! :)

Melina said...

@brandi, yoga is super tough for me because I'm not flexible at. all. i need it more than once a week, for sure. I think I'm doing alright with beer, but chocolate, always room for improvement.

tdoug said...

Super awesome post! Totally dig the sweet mix of activities and energy to dig in and grab some fresh pOw with the balance of yoga. Really dig your writing and stories!


Melina said...

@tdoug- awesome! thank you, I'm so glad you're reading. At this poing i could probably do with some more yoga....not less pow necessarily, but definitely more yoga. i've been chronically inflexible my whole life!

how did you stumble upon me/my blog?


tdoug said...

yoga is always a good thing...i say that and wish right now i had more time for it, but fresh pOw rules!

i think stumbled on your blog on okcupid & then FB...great crazy stories - you def have an interesting life and unique outlook.

i'm TD Womack on FB

Darlene said...

As always....amazing!!! The midnight run, the beer, the yoga! Love it all!!!