Thursday, February 7, 2013

All in a week

1. thursday yoga is a tradition older than ella 2. shell-less on the summit on another warm day 3. king sized bed outside of chicago 4. Miro tea with my baby cousin 5. playing this word game that made us nearly vomit with laughter (thanks Jesse for the shot). 6. the last day of january 7. Jesse murders chocolate hearts 'in preparation for valentines' 8. the wisconsin border is not the 7th wonder of the world 9. the downward dog on an urban trek 10. an entire day, just her and me.


Jesse Clark said...

Seems like a pretty good week, Melina. I'm honored to have had two mentions from it :D.

I like this post format. I have been meaning to start a tumbler blog where I post a handful of shots of the highlights of my week or things that I am grateful for.

See you at the next Yoga night!

Darlene said...

Look like an awesome week!!

Sara, Plain and Tall said...

Melina, question. What type of camera do you use?? I'm on the market, and am curious since I absolutely love your photos. :)

Amy said...

Every time I hear the word Wisconsin all I can think of is
You know, from Thats 70's show?
No? Just me?

Melina said...


thank! I'm glad you love my photos. Especially because....

for the past year, with the exception of the boat/alaska photos and some climbing trip photos which were andrew's point and shoot, my photos are 100% iphone.

I used to shoot with a nikon D 3000, and when the body broke before christmas i decided to splurge on a new body, a nikon d 7000.

right before i hit 'buy' on amazon, my dog got really sick and cost me the camera (and the next two potential cameras!)

So i've been making due with the iphone. I use (obviously) instagram and also afterglow for the filters and effects.

Since you're looking for a camera, i highly suggest the nikon d series!


Lisa said...

Quick question--just read about feral kitty Smokey Joe . . . whatever became of him/her?

Melina said...

Hi Lisa,

thanks for asking! Smokey is alive and well, she still lives at my parent's house in vermont. She's a beautiful cat. Unfortunately for us, she was ferral through and through, and we could not tame her into being a house kitten. She is extremely skittish of people, has no interest in us whatsoever, but loves to eat the food we put out and sleep on the bricks next to the wood stove. she's free to roam around the hundreds of acres that surround our house, and she does, but each night she always comes home. she doesn't pay much attention to the dogs or the other cat, and sometimes, on rare occasions, she'll show some affection to me when I come home, she'll pur and get close enough for me to pet her. that's about it though! she's happy!


Lisa said...


Thank you for writing back so quickly! So glad to hear Smokey is doing well and living a nice life outdoors. (We had a similar experience when trying to rescue two feral kittens.)

I'm new to your blog and am having a nice Sunday morning catching up on your older posts. It's great to read about all your adventures (my life has been SO boring by comparison!). :)

Thanks again,