Wednesday, February 27, 2013

just pathetic

This is me this week, being plundered by a really terrible virus. It's not norovirus, turns out, but something similarly sinister. It may look like it's winning, but it's not! I'm the one getting all the sleep and the fabulous bikini-ready figure, so, joke's on you, moronvirus.

Joke's kind of on me, as well, if we're keeping score, because I did separate my shoulder last week and was quietly excited to surf the Vicodin express, but that was a total sham. They just make me throw up more.

Unfortunately, this really hit the breaks of my writing projects, since I can't look at a screen without feeling woozy. And there are some killer writing projects going on right now. On the blog side, I've been trying to write the story of Will and his visit....(as well as the story of vert fest, getting seattle-freezed to the point of social hypothermia, and a hellacious trip to Ikea) but my blogging attempts feel painfully like a 100 year old woman trying to stitch together an elaborate quilt with shaky Parkinson's hands. I'll write three sentences and then have to nap for three days. Or throw up again. Speaking of-


Amber said...

Yuck! Being sick (especially sickness that involves puke) is the worst! Looking forward to you being well again - and to your new posts! :)
Feel better soon!

Bryan McLellan said...

Take care lady.

Ashley said...

I cant handle stomach stuff at all. Keep resting and get well soon!

Darlene said...

I sure hope you're feeling better soon!!! I miss your playful words!!

Catherine said...

Oh shit... This is bad... When a writer is in such bad shape that it cannot even write, times are bad. Brutal even. Get well soon.

Nick Best said...

Poor kitten toes. Sending chicken soup vibes your way. Only you would be blessed/cursed to live such an enthralling life.

cindy said...

1. you will bounce back.
2. seattle freeze can suck it. hard.
3. you are amazing.
4. the writing projects will wait and incubate and be better for it.
5. x-planetary love via collective conscience headed your way.
6. how the eff do you still swing your trademark elegant humor in that state?
7. virtual hugs don't hurt manged shoulders. so, hugs.

cindy said...
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Anonymous said...

oh look at you!! I love how bouncy your words are....even from the sick bed!

Amy said...

Wait. is moronvirus a real thing, or are you calling the virus a moron because in fact you are winning-ish?
Get better. being sick sucks.