Saturday, March 16, 2013

All in a week

Another week on both coasts, from Boston to Port Townsend, and about a hundred things in between. 

1. a long walk on Whidbey Island 2. Philidelphia to Seattle 3. hot toddies at Sirens in Port Townsend 4. Cassie, a field in Vermont, and a bottle of chocolate infused wine 5. Charles King, his southern accent, my dog 6. playing in the Puget Sound 7. mostly asleep on the Coopeville Ferry. 8. a Vermont evening with Jen and Rob, my high school teachers. 9. Spring comes to Fort Casey state park. 10. I turned 28. 11.the geologist, a tiny reminder of the grand canyon. 12. Cass and I take in sugaring season. 

This week in writing:

1. At the beginning of the year, I ran into the boy I had a secret crush on while wearing a hat with a large pompom. It brought out all of my insecurities. Happily, it also led to this piece on Outdoor Nation, which I'm kind of proud of. 

2. I was asked to write for a new project with a focus on happiness and relaxation. Quick micro-articles about happiness? Yes. Here's my first tiny contribution: Listen yourself to happiness. 

3. A little idea I had while listening to the Decemberists on the way home from the mountain materialized on The Clymb: A seasonally appropriate skiing playlist. Steph actually put this together (after removing the really corny songs) and played it during Thursday Yoga night, and it's actually a pretty nice set!

4. The comments on my blog piece about the static cling are hilarious. I had NO idea anybody else had ever been a victim of laundry, but I'm learning that it's not uncommon. Thanks for sharing your stories, everyone, the laughs were uproarious. 

5. Finally, I'm still getting kind and personal emails/messages/comments from readers who found me through my essay on Kelle Hampton's site. I will write all of you back- I use reading and answering your messages as a reward for finishing (a paragraph on) my articles. Thank you, everyone, and thank you Kelle


Lila Greer said...

Hi Lina,

I'm a new reader from ETST as well. Thank you for sharing such a beautifully written and touching piece, and thanks to Kelle!

I love these photography posts, it showcases your rich and well lived life. An inspiration! You and this space are a true gift!


Sammy said...

You are pretty awesome, happy belated birthday!

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Your photos are amazing. I found your blog via Kelle too x

Jessica said...

Dude, Will needs to get it through his head that maybe you should share adventures instead of have your adventures bounce off of each other all the time. You two are making me sick with a whole different kind of "static cling."

;) As always, lots of love from some random chica in Utah.

17enne said...

Oh, gosh, you travel a lot! Lucky you. I'm still having too much exams to do that. How do you do, isn't it hard and exhausting? It's a log trip!

Lovely photos.
Happy w-e.

Angela said...

I am another new reader via Kelle. LOVING your writing!! From the seriousness of your multiple 'near-death' experiences to the static cling blunder of middle school, it is all fabulous and heart-pounding! I find myself checking your blog everyday for a new post. When is your book coming out?? :))

Thanks for putting it all out there in such a raw, honest and beautiful way!

Melveys said...

Yet another new reader. I must say I'm enjoying your blog very much. The other blogs I usually read are feeling neglected because I spend all my time reading about your fascinating life (I'm currently lost somewhere in 2010). When I'm not reading I'm thinking, "What will Melina do next?", it's like an amazing book I can't put down.

Interesting fact: Your names are also similar to mine. Although, you have too many Os and not enough Gs. And we only share the first 3 letters of our first name. Maybe not that similar after all.

Melina said...

Well, Melveys, ain't that the damnest thing. "What will melina do next?" I love it. I can answer that question for this moment- next I plan on taking the brisket out of the oven, and then returning to my computer to edit more lines of type in this excel document.

Well, at least the brisket part is awesome.

I don't know your last name, but I think Melveys (greek?) is a gorgeous name, nicer than mine.

I hope you keep reading and keep in touch!

marinj said...

I'm a new reader from ETST too and also an IG follower. I have to look at your blog and IG and I was hooked. I love your wild and crazy life you live. You're an inspiration.

Luckygirl721 said...

"The hat with the large pompon" is just hilarious! You really made me laugh!! LOVE your sense of humor and writing style!

Anonymous said...

Like so many, I found you through Kelle's blog (lucky me, since I'm not even a regular reader of hers). I love your photography, your writing style, your openness. Sometimes I read your blog and feel completely jealous of your life and adventures; then I have to remind myself that having kids is an adventure, too, of a different sort. Happy birthday!

lindsey. said...

I have just discovered you thanks to Kelle Hampton. I live on Whidbey Island so I love that you are a PNW girl too. And I love your writing. I loved your piece for Outdoor Nation so much. It is all really real and honest and I love that. I'll keep reading for sure!