Friday, May 10, 2013

All in a week

1. a late night picnic with Connor before he is snatched away by Alaska 2. Sunshine in Canada, meal planning 3. Amber and Chai head for home on the last day 4. the freelance life with Seth 5. she has the tiniest shadow 6. a last minute back yard BBQ 7. wearing dia de las meurtos tights on cinco de mayo 8. chalking up 9. ella fix in the park 10. the Squamish crew- all I'd said was 'Smile!' 

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Anonymous said...

that picnic photo? amaze.

Angela said...

I agree with anonymous. Truly amazing! Do you take all these with your phone? Or do you have a nice camera and crop them to make you look like you took them with your phone?:)

Melina said...


All of these all in a week are from my phone. I have a nice camera, which is currently need of dire repair$.


Anonymous said...

I want a pair of those pants! Hot diggity lady.