Friday, May 17, 2013

All in a week

This week was almost entirely work, typing, computer screens and running. Here are the few precious moments I was not at my desk: 

1. grey sunset beach picnic 2. sundress weather 3. one lap of the loop trail and two rounds of margaritas with Mackenzie 4. Seth at the summit of Rattlesnake Ridge 5. evening stories in a hazy field 6. misadventures in raw eating 7. Friday evening in the woods 8. writing for 25 cents a word with 25 cent refills at Fiore 9. three to six miles a day on this one perfect trail 10. white wine, Jake in a jacket 

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Molly said...

That margarita has me dreaming of the end of my work day. Just an hour and 12 minutes to go until I can score a margarita of my very own!

Maria said...

if you'd like, maya and jerry have LOADS of recipes and really easy to understand posts about vegan eating. i think maya is actually working on a book at the moment... about vegan foods.

Jessica said...

Hellllooooo Melina's friend Jake ;) haha