Friday, May 24, 2013

All in a week

1. we stumbled across a ghost town in Ritzville, Eastern Washington 2. evening out in Belltown 3. a first attempt at my early summer project in Post Falls, Idaho 4. the last night with my roommate, who took all the furniture 5. climbers try to make sense of class 6 rapids 6. Irish jam night at Conyr Byrns with Curry, who just left for Alaska 7. take your stuffed snake to the beach in a rainstorm day was thoroughly enjoyed by all 8. exploration at a new crag  9. the long drive home 10. dance break at a gas station 11. weekend at the lake house

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Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your space for a few months now. I had to comment today because Ritzville is my hometown! Should I admit that? I hope you experienced the Pastime. If so, how old was the dude who hit on you?

colleen said...

yesssss I'm famous. All my dreams of being famous by doing nothing are coming true (; LOVE YOU.