Thursday, May 2, 2013


Happy birthday Sarah. I forgive you for giving me a concussion with your elbow if you forgive me for being so far away the moment you left us. Thanks for peeing in the back of my ex-boyfriend's truck after he cheated on me, and that time you took off your underwear and flung it onto the windshield of the car that had parked you in was fun to watch, too. I like the way you lived: completely, totally, utterly fearless, without apology, covered in tattoos and married to the boy you loved so desperately. He's doing really well now. I try to emulate you every day, you've made a real, palpable difference in my attitude and choices, and I think you would be really proud of me.


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She sounds so damn cool. Love your tribute, Melina.

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah, even though I never had the chance to meet her, she sounds like so much fun to be around x
I lost my best friend in the whole world about two years ago. I miss her every day.