Sunday, August 11, 2013

All in a (last) Week

Now I'm writing from the cabin in Whitefish, Montana. I've had no choice but to fall a little behind this week; the busy days rushed by without allowing so much as a minute for me to sit down and write them out. I don't want to fall behind. These last few weeks in Seattle were important. In fact they were very important because my best friend got married, and even the insignificant things seemed to hold more meaning because they were all for the last time.

This morning I drove away from the city with absolutely no fanfare, no waterworks or melodrama, not even a poignant song on the radio, I was too distracted by the enormous swell of relief that washed over me, a relief so strong it kept me nearly numb all the way to the Bitteroots. All the hard work is finally behind me- l culled all my belongings down to the bones and packed what was left into the new car which is much smaller than the old car, I worked my job and cleaned the apartment and in between all that, I had this week:

1. Micah and the dog at my favorite spot 2. we spent the day after her wedding on the boat 3. climbing at black stone with Brit and Steph 4. sun sickness soon followed this at-sea decision 5. I wish I could take this place with me 6. one glimpse of the sail, I actually spend most of this day in the cabin alongside the hungover groomsmen 7. game day 8. my last climb was long and run out 9. wheee! 10. my hair done by Macklemore's stylist and I'm in love with it and it was expensive. 


Catherine said...

Have a great move! I know how draining it is! Enjoy the beginning of your new life!

Amy said...

I have a feeling the PNW and Seattle are going to miss you. On to new adventures! cheers to that!