Thursday, September 12, 2013

photobook : north carolina mountain state fair

the other day, dave and I were talking about our secrets to a happy life. this is the type of cliche conversation I love to rope people into. I said being constantly active and always doing new and interesting things, maybe as generic as it gets but there you have it. he said something to the point of 'eating whatever i want whenever i want.'

sounds good to me.

at my insistence, we went out to the mountain state fair on a tuesday afternoon. we bought an unlimited ride pass (at 20 bucks, easily best bargain of my life so far) and decided we'd eat whatever we wanted and as much of it as we wanted. which is a risky thing at a place that serves bags of neon spun sugar and fried kool-aid.

as you can see, this place was a little bit ridiculous and a lot exuberant. we rode almost everything, ate whatever we liked (although fair food is best in theory & childhood memory, it turns out) drank lots of frozen lemonade and I didn't even puke. 


meg bird said...

I live for crappy food like that! Whenever I find myself at a fair or festival or whatever, I must have hot dogs, I must have funnel cake, I must have it all! And a huuuuge Coke. Fair rides are kind of the best, because there is a lot more suspense. You feel like you might actually die while you're riding them. As opposed to theme parks, where you only feel like that's slightly possible. Sorry about this comment. Pretty pictures.

elissa said...

stopping to feel everything in one single moment - that's my secret to a happy life.

oh - and yeah - fair food is definitely best left to childhood memory. but what are you gunna do.

Catherine said...

So fun!! And I love your pictures. Wow!

Rachel Ruth said...

I realized I was getting old when I roped our friends into going to our fair; we spent our time judging the teenagers and wondering where there parents were, then left nauseous after the rides. Lame.

Sian said...

wow its looks so colourful and fun!!!

trying to live in the moment
my children
good friends

are my things sometimes all at the same time x

Brandi Shope said...

My secret to a happy life is to live in each moment; not regretting the past, or planning to much for the future... Just living.

Jacki said...

For me, the secret to a happy life would be getting out of my own head, but I haven't managed to figure out how to do this. An office job and a fairly standard-issue American life (read: NOT always being active and doing new things, wahh) give me way too much time in my own head.

This looks like a lovely time. Sometimes your posts make me want to come visit you even though we've never met in person. I know that probably sounds super weird. Fair food - so hit or miss, right? Sometimes it's all I've dreamed of and other times ... not so much. Like a lot of things in life, it's often better in my memory or in what I build it up to be.