Monday, October 28, 2013

All in an (amber) week

Amber visited me all the way from Seattle. She brought my climbing rope as a carry on just to return to me. That's a true friend. Here's a glimpse of our week. 
1. sweater weather at max patch 2. champagne ginger cider at the newly open Urban Orchards in west asheville 3. Amber's first sun-soaked mountain bike ride 4. monday afternoon corn holing 5. disgruntled with the Gneiss at Rumbling Bald 6. just what it looks like 7. after the Wolf Branch trail....she might be hooked 8. a portrait of our afternoon the day we did very little 9. me and Erich at the Wedge 10. she can absolutely crush 11. girly finds downtown 12. running through Tennessee 

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Susan said...

Champagne ginger cider??!! NUM! Was it delicious?!

Melina said...

it was insanely refreshing.

Shaye walsh said...

Hey, I couldn’t find an email address. I wanted to ask a question about your dog, so can you email me back?

Seattle Reader! said...

Gosh, isn't Amber a great friend!? Love this!