Sunday, October 13, 2013

All in a week

1. hometeam and the lucky lady 2. sunshine Rapid on the Green River 3. arlo misbehaving 4. autumn stroll after work with Erich and Kristen 5. wednesday night ultimate, lately losing a lot 6. inversions at Max Patch with Molly, after this I kicked her in the face 7. meeting Melody Joy for beer and music in Black Mountain 8. tuesday late night silks, learning knee hooks and mid air inversions 9. wet trail and green sunlight 10. one of my favorite Heel Click Around The World outtakes. 

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Have a happy, active, hyperbolized week everyone, I'll try try and do the same. 

1 comment:

melody joy said...

seriously what a rad week! so glad i got to be a part of it! those heel click outtakes are making me laugh so hard :) xo