Wednesday, October 2, 2013

update on the kayakers

I know there are a lot of people thinking of nothing but the boys in Tajikistan. Please understand that I am getting my information from a multitude of people, but obviously everything that comes in is second hand and I have no way to verify it.

The original SPOT emergency signal was sent off on 9/30 from within a mountain pass in the Eastern corner of the country. A helicopter was deployed early this morning in Tajikistan, which is nine hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. The weather during the day has been nice and warm in the mid sixties.

The helicopter arrived at the scene of the original distress call and found a severely damaged kayak and a backpack. The boys and the remaining four kayaks were not there. Some time later, the boys sent out a second emergency SPOT from a location about six miles South. We could assume they figured their beacons were not working and began heading through the mountain pass towards a road.

It is a positive sign that they are hiking with their kayaks and did not decide to leave the cumbersome creek boats behind.

A group of hunters in the area are in contact with the rescue efforts and are heading towards the crew on foot.

They are now trying to get a photo of the damaged boat.

As it is currently 11pm in Tajikistan, helicopter rescue will wait until first light to make a second attempt.

Cooper's father has asked that, in order to contain and organize the rescue efforts, do NOT reach out to contacts in Tajikistan or the government, instead contact Ken Lambla directly at 704-618-2332 or

Keep sending positive thoughts to those intrepid adventure boys, we are very hopeful for a happy outcome.


Brentley Metcalf, EMT-P said...

Keeping fingers crossed for Coop and his crew!

Brentley Metcalf, EMT-P said...

Keeping fingers crossed for Coop and his crew! said...

Sending all hope their way.